Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy Salanoa!!!

Just wanted to stop by with a quick post to wish my sister in law, Cindy Salanoa, a Happy Birthday. Haven't seen you in a while but I hope that you have fun with whatever James has planned for you today. Love and miss you long time....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ugh.... damn pool

So our pool is not looking so pleasant again because to be honest.... TJ and I just don't have time to care about it right now. Since I had the day off, I thought I'd make it my days purpose to figure out how to clean the pool. I take a water sample and go to Leslie's Pool Supply to see what I needed to get for the pool... Guarantee the water sample I took failed every test imaginable and the guy goes, "Uhh..... Well.... Your water sample FAILED". I couldn't help but laugh in his face... Anyone who knows me knows that once I start laughing, its over. After about two minutes cracking up, I was like, "No S@^+...that's why I came you goofball." This poor guy then goes into a 15 minute speech about what I need to do, what I need to take apart, what chemicals I need to get, what to unscrew, etc... I couldn't help but listen because he was so serious, like napoleon dynamite type serious, about what I needed to be careful with and he said a lot of "please remember to dos.." and "this is really important.." type of instructions. When he was finished, I started laughing again. I was under the impression that I would buy a couple of bags of shock or salt and throw it in there and that's it.... Needless to say, I didn't buy anything, I didn't want to. I figure I've got two options. 1) Send TJ to listen the the instructions or 2) Pay someone to come out and do it. I think I'll go with option number

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vote YES on Proposition 8

I don't quite understand why any person in their right mind would even consider legalizing gay marriages. I've been following all of the political debates, speeches,, and commercials not only about our future president elects but also the various propositions we are about to vote on in exactly 27 days. I came upon this video which was sent to me by e-mail about a family with kindergarten children who live in Massachusetts where gay marriages have already been legalized. I don't have children yet, but I know for a fact that I would not approve of my child learning at the age of 5 that same sex marriage is acceptable. I know there are only about 3 or 4 of you that read this blog but I do hope that you share this video with others in California so that they to can know how important it is that we all vote Yes on proposition 8....aka.... proposition 22 from the year 2000. We voted against this proposition in 2000 and won, I'm sure we can do it again....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hi Kristin

I just thought I'd stop by and say hello to my sister in law Kristin. It seem like you are the only one that checks this so I thought I thought I'd stop by and say hi. I don't really have time for an update because I am doing this from my cell but hope all is well. I will come on again sometime soon to give an


Monday, August 11, 2008

Emergency Room

Today was not a good day. Both of my ears have been throbbing since last Thursday. I did some research online and realized that I had swimmers ear. It only made sense because I had been swimming so much. I tried some home remedies and bought some ear drops from Wal-Mart to see if it would feel better. To make a long story short, it didn't work. On Saturday, we had a farewell bar-b-que at my in-laws house and TJ's aunty did a samoan massage to make it feel better. It felt good while she was massaging my ear but as soon as she was finished, the pain came right back. I tried so hard to avoid going to the emergency room because I knew that it would be hectic. Thank god my husband was with me because I would have gone insane if I was in that room by myself. As we walked into the emergency room, I kid you not.... that damn place looked like little Tijuana. There were so many people cramped into such a small room with little kids of all ages crying in every freakin corner. I got irritated before I even got to the check-in desk. I swear if my ear wasn't hurting so much I would have just gone home. It took us two hours to be seen for ten minutes, and another two hour wait just for my prescription. I hated being there so much and was exhausted when it was all over. I've learned to never wait too long to go to the hospital especially if it has to do with your ears. I waited so long and my ears were so swollen that a gentle touch hurts it. TJ says that I should stop depending on Samoan massages because they don't always work. I've learned my lesson and can't wait for my pain killers to start rubbing in so that I can go to sleep. Earaches are so painful. I've gained a whole new respect for kids who live through an earache. I would give anything to be able to hear out of my right ear right now. The doctors say that the steroids and codeine should help with the swelling and pain and everything should be back in place in about two days. I'm so tempted to just remain highly medicated for the next 2 days so don't be surprised if you don't hear from I've been so traumatized by this earache and vowed to go to the doctors at the first sight of an infection.....

Monday, August 4, 2008

2 Years....

I find it hard to believe sometimes that TJ and I have been married for two years because it feels like we've been together for much longer than that. Our anniversary is tomorrow, August 5th, and we are pretty excited. We don't really have anything planned but I'm okay with that. TJ planned a young mens activity at our house for our anniversary. My first impression was to cuss him out when he first told me about the activity but after a few minutes of personal I accepted the fact that this was going to happen. I didn't want to argue with him so I kind of just went along with it. My husband and I have been through a lot and I have learned that materialistic things are not that important. TJ & I spent the entire day together and I couldn't ask for anything more. With our hectic schedules, quality time together isn't something that we can't always take advantage of. So, to have the entire day to ourselves was more than enough for me. We had breakfast, went for a swim, and watched movies, etc.... I love my husband and although we still go through our moments with each other, I know that no one else would be able to handle my larger than life independent attitude like TJ Salanoa. He is my Captain Moroni and I couldn't ask for a better husband.

♥Dora Salanoa

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pool is fixed.....

I've posted some photos of the new house on my myspace page and those of you that have seen them have noticed a lot about the algae colonies that used to reside in my pool. I'm am so grateful to announce that all has been taken care of and that the pool is finally fixed. Our pool guy's name is Brian and he is just wonderful. I thought it was so funny when this guy tried to explain to us about how to maintain the pool.... yeah.... 15 minutes later TJ goes, "So how much do I have to pay you to come out and maintain this pool for us year around because I have no idea what you are talking about and I know for damn sure that my wife isn't listening to you right now"....LOL.... I want to just crawl into a whole and hide because his poor man was so serious and I was really acting as though I was listening to him. Anyhow, TJ hired him as our pool maintenance guy so he will be coming out every week to clean it. I really didn't want to hire the guy but I realized that if it were up to TJ & I to take care of the pool that we would just kill it.

I will have pictures posted soon. My family came out today and were the first to experience the wonderful clean water. My mom was the first to jump in.... then the rest of the family right after her. Anyhow, can't wait for you all to see it....

♥Theodora Salanoa

Friday, July 4, 2008

We've bought a house guys!!!!

TJ & I have been going through such an emotional roller coaster lately. We have finally been able to purchase our own house and we are ecstatic about being able to live on our own. We bought a beautiful 4 bedroom 3 bath house in Rancho Cucamonga. We haven't comletely moved in yet because we are going to clean it up first. Here's a picture of the front of our home. Courtesy of Grey Vai's
I will post more pictures as soon as I get them...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life Altering Decisions.....

I've been contemplating all week about whether or not I would write how I feel on this blog and after today I've decided.... What the heck, why not. I have been blessed with a job opportunity that would usually only be offered to people with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and 5 years of Administrative Assisstant experience. I've been in this position for a week now and it is a bit demanding. I don't mind it though. It's nothing I can't handle. The only thing that has been bugging me is the fact that I actually have to choose between school and work. If I am to succeed in this job, then school is something that I am going to have to hold off on. After getting my A.A., I was so excited about pursuing my educational dreams but now, I'm loving my job. If I continue to remain in this job, I can afford to put both TJ & I through school. I wouldn't be able to fit school into my schedule but I can definately afford to put my husband through school. I was promoted to be an executive assisstant to the CEO and lately, I leave for work at 8:00 and get home around 7:30-8:00. I sit back and think sometimes whether or not I should slow down with school and just concentrate on helping my husband finish but the selfish side of me keeps wanting to do both school and work. I've been crying all week because I feel like if I don't finish school that I am some sort of failure. My family keeps saying, Just take a class or two every semester online." My major is mathematics so I dare anyone to try and take an online multi-variable calculus class online without an actual teacher to ask 50 million questions to. I hear about life challenging experiences in movies but I never thought I'd be in a situation to make a life challenging decision. I've re-read my patriarcal blessing looking for answers but I haven't decided yet. Do I get a demotion from work to accomodate a school scedule? or Do I stay with this over paid position and concentrate on putting my husband through school? Does anyone see my frustrations right now???? Am I just being a spoiled, self-centered, irritating brat? Putting my husband through college is not that big a deal for me. I want to be able to do that. The part that is irritating me is putting myself through school. Is that selfish of me? This blog is way to long.... I'll write again when I get an answer. I love everyone......


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Graduation Pictures...

I know its kind of funny but these are the only pictures of graduation that I could get because my aunt who brought a camera to my graduation forgot to put batteries in the damn thing. Anyhow, here's They are the photographers pictures. I would order them but the prices are so not the business....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


It's almost surreal how calm this day has been. TJ & I have been so busy the past couple of weeks/ months with school, work, and family. I had to work last night and I didn't get off until after 10 so TJ decided that we were just going to rest today. Although its been nice, its also been kinda boring. We almost feel as though we were doing something wrong because we weren't really doing anything at all. In any case, it was nice to just be with each other. Couples need that every once in a while.

In other news... SBVC finally had a commencement ceremony on wednesday and I participated in it. I'm in the far left right in front of the people with the gray gowns. Can you see me. I got there late and ran in line because everyone was already walking out... It was lots of fun. My family and best friends were there so you can only imagine how excited I was to have everyone in the same room. I haven't really been trying to broadcast the fact that I was graduating because I thought.... Why make a big deal about it, it's only an Associates Degree. TJ didn't like that way of thinking and made it a point to help me understand that it was an accomplishment. It has taken me six years to do it but I am really excited that I got it. I am the first in my generation to get a degree higher than a high school diploma and being fourth to the youngest grandchild out of 89, I can honestly say that I am proud of myself. I love my husband for continuing to make me feel like my small accomplishments have helped change the world. I laugh at him sometimes but deep down inside I really do feel special. I'm very grateful because he's a Salanoa and my Salanoa sisters know that sentimentality is a lot to ask for from one of the Salanoa Well, that's all for today guys. To anyone reading this, be happy, stay beautiful, and keep smilin.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So..... TJ & I were introduced to blogspot by TJ's older brother Monty. Their page was cute so we thought....what the heck, why not. So we now have a blog thingy....yaaaaeeeehhhh!!!