Sunday, March 1, 2009

Malaeulu's 4th Bi-Annual Family Reunion

It is officially that time of year again. TJ & I recieved our Malaeulu Reunion 2009 Itinerary in the mail today. I am just sooooo super excited. The Malaeulu Reunion are specifically for my Grandparents children. My Grandparents are Ta'afuli & Faivaofitiialilo Malaeulu. They had 14 kids... thus the reason I have so many cousins. The reunions began back in 2001 when my granfather was still alive. At every reunion, one of the children and their families host the reunion. Currently, only 9 of my grandparents 14 children are still alive. They are:
  1. Vai Mau'u (Daughter)
  2. Fiailoa (Pualilo) Malaeulu (Son)
  3. Tu'uaoana Hill (Daughter)
  4. Sapati (Tevaga) Ta'afuli (Son)
  5. Skippy Malaeulu (Son)
  6. Peka Tauvala'au (Daughter a.k.a My Momma)
  7. Iakopo (Jacob) Malaeulu (son)
  8. Potoafe Moe (Daughter)
  9. Mere Malaeulu Aukuso (Daughter)
I feel really bad right now because I can't remember my other aunts and uncles that passed away. As soon as I get their names and their order, I add them to the list.

Other than my excitement for another family reunion, I must mention the wonderful get together that Monty & Kristin planned for the family yesterday. Most of the Peterson family were there along with Sereisa, TJ, and myself. It was a beautiful day out and I enjoyed my conversations with everyone including the infamous Michelle Peterson of . Don't ever, my intro to her was, "Hi Michelle, I'm one of those people who stalk your blog and never leave a message."......lmao..... Needless to say, I think she was pretty shocked. TJ & Monty were working out on the field while Michelle and I were eating. I should have felt bad but my hamburger concoction was sooo good that I couldn't.

TJ & Trey had many "Love you, Hate you" moments. Last week, TJ was really sad about his relationship with Trey. After spending time with the nephews, TJ came home and said, "I'm so sad right now. I tried to carry Trey today but he wouldn't let me." Apparently Trey kept saying, "I don't want it TJ.... put me down!!! Please...." This was a sad moment for Uncle TJ but a day at the park made everything better. By the end of the family picnic, Trey and Uncle TJ were laughing and playing with each other and Trey even let TJ carry him to the car. As we were leaving, I almost wanted to ask, "So uncle TJ, can you carry Me to the car?" :^P

Till next time....


Michelle P said...

I think it was a fun day too and I'm SO glad that I finnaly got to put a face to my stalker...I mean friend. I had fun hanging out and eating...yum!

Monty and Kristin said...

You're so funny! Yeah, Trey has a love hate relationship with me sometimes too!! Anyway, I got your message the other day, but didn't have your number to call you back. For some reason it didn't come up on my 'missed calls'. You're more than welcome to come when you have the time!! Love ya guys!