Friday, April 24, 2009


I never thought that someone could write with so much detail as Stephanie Meyer did with 'Eclipse'....with all her other books as well come to think of it. Each scene was described so intricately that I was amazed at how vivid the pictures in my imagination turned out to be. The war scenes were awesome and I pray to God that the movie doesn't leave any detail out. Anyone who know me knows that I absolutly love war movies. Anyhow, I finished 'Eclipse' today and decided to start on 'Breaking Dawn.' There was so much action going on in 'Eclipse' before the end so I made sure to pick up a copy of Breaking Dawn before I completed the book. For those who care, I did not want to slap anyone while reading this book so that is always a great thing. I did feel sorry for Jacob though.....a lot. I nearly became a member of 'Team Jacob' because I felt so bad for him. Hopefully, something will work out for him in 'Breaking Dawn.'

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