Thursday, April 23, 2009

They TRICKED me!

First of all, let me apologize, someone hacked into our account and started blogging all this madness about Twilight. Rest assure, we'll catch the culprits.

April 20, 2009 was my first day at work as a College Intern for Riley Elementary. I was super stoked, not only to be working again but to have the chance to help kids. On my way to work I must admit I was a bit nervous. I starting second guessing myself and even wondering if I could perform such a task. I probably would have been scared all day only two minutes into clocking in I was to pissed off to be scared. My job description clearly states that I am to aid the children in their academics. So, when I found myself standing outside in the 100 degree weather I was honestly irritated. That hour and a half seemed like days. My patience was tested even more, when I heard tens bells ring, all of which did not end their lunch. After lunch I went to a second grade class where I spent the remainder of my time. The kids there we really welcoming. They did a great job of cheering me up. I think I'm gonna love this job! I ask the principal after school why he hadn't mentioned me standing out in the sun, he just chuckled and said sorry. Have you even seen a movie where a character dose something to fowl to another character to really tick them off. So then the character responds by slapping them across there face. Then, almost instantaneously, your taken back in time and the same event plays. Showing that the character never really slapped him, he was just thinking it. I know its not the best thing ever to do, but it did cheer me up.


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