Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Official..... I think I'm a little crazy....

To say that I am a fan of the Twilight Saga would be an understatement. One of my cousins sent me the following video and I just about cried. I watched it about ten times already and believe me when I say that after I write this post, I just might watch it again. I've re-read the first two books and thank goodness summer school started or else, I would have started reading eclipse again. The clip is a collection of production stills from the New Moon set in Italy. It's when Edward thinks that Bella is dead and is attempting to kill himself in Volterra.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time Well Spent

Today I skipped Spanish 015 and came home right after work. When I came home my wife gave me the look, husbands, you know what I'm talking about. (lol) I just told her, hey, there just reviewing. I could do that at home. So after Dora's horns receded I asked her if she had checked the kids homework, she replied "No," and I was off to work again. I helped Taligalu with her Math, I feel so bad cause she is already forgetting what I taught her last time we worked together, which was on Thursday of last week. Adonijah is such a bright kid, sometimes I have to remind him that it is okay to not know an answer. More importantly, that its okay to still be a kid. We worked on his History today, which he really didn't need any help with, but just reviewed. Today Taligalu really struggled with her Math, and I noticed that if she practiced her multiplication tables it would be so much easier. So I told her. "Sit here and practice your two's and your three's for five minutes each." She responded by rolling her eyes at me. (I know!!!!) I stopped and looked around the room, because I know she wasn't doing that to me. I was so shocked, I stopped, and looked around the room again to see if someone else was with me. I was really upset, but did nothing and proceeded to tel her that this will only maker her faster and more proficient. She shrugged her shoulders and said okay. Then she went at it for twenty rather than the ten I initially wanted. We finished with a talk concerning her eye maneuvers, and she apologized, which made me even happier that I didn't have to ask for one. Today I thought I was going to come home and nap, shoot I was looking so forward to it. Instead I did something a million times more rewarding and fulfilling.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It felt like someone pressed pause, and then fast forward.

Today started off as any other day, after the fifth or sixth snooze. I managed to dress myself up in a proper manner a drive myself to school. My day was not the business. It seemed like someone pressed pause, and then fast forward. Just in case you don’t remember, its turn’s life super slow motion. It made even my favorite class, History of Rock, very boring. Today when I went to work I found myself easily irritated, usually I’m not, but I think the lack of sleep is getting to me. Or, it could just be the fact that two kids kept trying to hit me in my in my family jewels; who knows, maybe a combination of both. (yeah!) I was only at work for three hours and felt as if I was not going to make it. The craziest thing happen that brought a smile to my face. I wanted to fall and laugh but I had to be professional. We had a Cinco de Mayo assembly today @ 2:30 to 3:30. It took place outside on the black top where it was windy and hot. The kids loved it at first. After about fifteen minutes you couldn’t turn anywhere without a kid complaining to you. This isn’t the part that brought me joy. The kids wanted to go inside, but “we can’t just let them leave" the principal said, "that would be so rude.” So we forced them to sit and attempt to watch the program. I've been priveleged to work only with the rotten apples of my class. They act up alot. Swear at me and throw super tantrums. After a while half of the kids were saying things like, “I’m sorry Mr. Tj, I won’t swear no more.” Or “Okay, I promise I’ll do my work and won’t talk.” I couldn’t help but want to laugh. Imagine all these lifeless 2nd graders sliding off their chairs and complaining and pleading with me, as if I was punishing them. After awhile I heard a few say, “dis gotta be against da law man, I’m tell’n my momma.” With the close of the semester, I’ve been really tired, but whenever I’m at work something exciting or funny always happen making my day better.

Monday, May 4, 2009

In ANTHROPOLOGY, weird huh!

last week while i was in anthropology i sat there thinking am i going to learn anything useful. i tried to stay in tuned but volleyball, the lakers, and even food kept popping up in my mind. surprisingly enough, i learned something that hit me like a ton of bricks. i know in anthropology, crazy huh! my professor was speaking on charles darwin and his theory of evolution. he then went on to say that charles darwin did not ever mean for his theory to be concrete, that he himself said that his theory was a provisional truth. provisional truth? "what is that" i yelled from the rear of the class. professor fierro said "he knew that for the time being it would suffice, but as time passed the truth would change and evolve." in my mind, with my eyebrows scrunched i asked, "how in the hell can the truth evolve." then it dawned on me that charles darwin theory was just that, a theory. he knew it was just an idea and that with more knowledge a concrete truth would reveal itself. i sat back and reflected upon the number one truth that i know and rejoiced, i know; rejoining in anthropology. i was happy to know that when the gospel was restored it was not a provisional truth and that in time some mans random idea was not going to change it, it would be firm and concrete. we are blessed to have the same gospel we had when christ walked upon the face of this earth. the same priesthood of issac, abraham, joseph, noah, and even moses resides in us because our fathers blessings of an constant truth. i feel so blessed to be a part of something that has no suprises, no buts, no oops, and more importantly no changes. our father is the same yesterday,today, tomorrow, and for time and all eternity.

Woo Hoo, 11 Days Left!

this weekend was not met with anticipation as i knew i had a ton of work to do. i found myself dreading it of course and almost found myself wanting to pray in hopes that it would never come. here i sit, two english papers, two english journals, a anthropology paper, a music paper, and one final spanish presentation less to worry about. tell me why it is, that despite having all these task accomplished, am i still stressed about my grades. my wife says that i am still so amped from having to do all this work that i haven't yet allowed myself to cool down. similar to a treadmill. i told her, "if that's the case can someone pull the damn plug". i am very grateful to my wife for allowing me to do absolutly nothing but eat, sleep, and do homework. there were times when i would be on the computer and look over and see that, "can you take a break and cuddle with me look." for a long time i ignored it, but finally saturday night i gave in and saw a huge chuck e cheese smile. this weekend was nieces very first birthday party out in las vegas. i felt so bad, and very proud at the same time; bizarre huh. emjae, one day when you have a graduation, wedding, QuinceaƱera(lol-no means of disrespect), uncle teejay will be able to drop everything because his degree says he can, he's earned it. i'm sorry, but saturday was not that day. i felt bad that i couldn't be there, however, i am happy with my decision to stay home and take care of business. every time i look at the calender i get excited because i have only eleven more school days left. my brain and body are well over due for some r&r. i hope i get to spend it doing something fun. not pulling my mother in laws weeds or something (lol). i'm looking forward to closing this semester off strong and preparing for the next step in this endless journey for a degree.