Monday, May 4, 2009

In ANTHROPOLOGY, weird huh!

last week while i was in anthropology i sat there thinking am i going to learn anything useful. i tried to stay in tuned but volleyball, the lakers, and even food kept popping up in my mind. surprisingly enough, i learned something that hit me like a ton of bricks. i know in anthropology, crazy huh! my professor was speaking on charles darwin and his theory of evolution. he then went on to say that charles darwin did not ever mean for his theory to be concrete, that he himself said that his theory was a provisional truth. provisional truth? "what is that" i yelled from the rear of the class. professor fierro said "he knew that for the time being it would suffice, but as time passed the truth would change and evolve." in my mind, with my eyebrows scrunched i asked, "how in the hell can the truth evolve." then it dawned on me that charles darwin theory was just that, a theory. he knew it was just an idea and that with more knowledge a concrete truth would reveal itself. i sat back and reflected upon the number one truth that i know and rejoiced, i know; rejoining in anthropology. i was happy to know that when the gospel was restored it was not a provisional truth and that in time some mans random idea was not going to change it, it would be firm and concrete. we are blessed to have the same gospel we had when christ walked upon the face of this earth. the same priesthood of issac, abraham, joseph, noah, and even moses resides in us because our fathers blessings of an constant truth. i feel so blessed to be a part of something that has no suprises, no buts, no oops, and more importantly no changes. our father is the same yesterday,today, tomorrow, and for time and all eternity.


James and Cindy said...

That is some great insight! Good thing for those college classes. They teach us somethings from time to time :)

hayLa said...

aint that the truth. the gospel is awesome. all truth no surprises. just a plan that totally makes sense.

Nia said...

Well said. I couldn't agree more.