Monday, May 4, 2009

Woo Hoo, 11 Days Left!

this weekend was not met with anticipation as i knew i had a ton of work to do. i found myself dreading it of course and almost found myself wanting to pray in hopes that it would never come. here i sit, two english papers, two english journals, a anthropology paper, a music paper, and one final spanish presentation less to worry about. tell me why it is, that despite having all these task accomplished, am i still stressed about my grades. my wife says that i am still so amped from having to do all this work that i haven't yet allowed myself to cool down. similar to a treadmill. i told her, "if that's the case can someone pull the damn plug". i am very grateful to my wife for allowing me to do absolutly nothing but eat, sleep, and do homework. there were times when i would be on the computer and look over and see that, "can you take a break and cuddle with me look." for a long time i ignored it, but finally saturday night i gave in and saw a huge chuck e cheese smile. this weekend was nieces very first birthday party out in las vegas. i felt so bad, and very proud at the same time; bizarre huh. emjae, one day when you have a graduation, wedding, QuinceaƱera(lol-no means of disrespect), uncle teejay will be able to drop everything because his degree says he can, he's earned it. i'm sorry, but saturday was not that day. i felt bad that i couldn't be there, however, i am happy with my decision to stay home and take care of business. every time i look at the calender i get excited because i have only eleven more school days left. my brain and body are well over due for some r&r. i hope i get to spend it doing something fun. not pulling my mother in laws weeds or something (lol). i'm looking forward to closing this semester off strong and preparing for the next step in this endless journey for a degree.


hayLa said...

im proud of you. but ur right! sacrifice now for something greater in the future.

Nia said...

Proud of you man!