Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soooo Hilarious

By now, I'm sure you are all bored with my page but I can't help myself. I found this video online and I just could not stop myself from posting it. If you need a laugh, watch this video. This is why slow internet connection is not the

I think the reason I loved it so much was because it reminded me a little bit of myself when I first saw the preview. Well up until he lost connection. I just could not stop laughing at him.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Cullen's Were Playing Baseball Yesterday...

On Monday, I started my new job with the CAPS program at Urbita Elementary. It is part-time but I don't mind at all. It is more time then I had before. Anyhow, yesterday I was assigned to work with about 24-25 kindergartners. We started off with snacks and because it is the end of the school year, no one had homework. The kids decided that they wanted to play outside on the playground so that is what we ended up doing. Everyone was busy doing their own thing when suddenly lightning bolts shot throughout the sky and thunder roared for a good 3-5 seconds strait. All of a sudden, I look in the direction of where the majority of my kids were and at the same exact moment, they all froze in place. Every single one of them stopped, looked at each other, looked at me, and within the same second they all began to scream at the top of their lungs and charge towards me like a stampede of bulls. It was like they all had tunnel vision at that exact moment and all they saw at the end of that tunnel was me. I thought to run, I even almost wanted to scream myself because anyone who knows me, knows that I am extremely scared of lightning and thunder. I even wanted to cry because all day long in my head I kept telling myself that everything was going to be okay. I kept saying, "It's just the Cullen's playing Baseball." Each time I heard thunder, I thought of that scene in the Twilight movie and instead of being scared, I had a smile on my face. Needless to say, when the kids ran towards me with fear written across each of their tiny little faces, I couldn't bring myself to believe that everything was okay. I freaked! I had kids crying and jumping on me. Kids grabbing my legs. Kids pulling my shirt. Five kids pulling my arm. It was not a cute scene. Eventually, I got the kids to run with me towards the cafeteria and one of the other staff members immediately turned on some music. We started it off with a little Hannah Montana just to calm the kids down and then played some Jonas Brothers rock music to drown out the sound of the thunder. All in all, I had a fun time with the kids and laugh when I think about their faces this afternoon.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I love my husband.... last night, after we got home, TJ & I sat down together to watch the first official trailer for Twilight Saga: New Moon. He even downloaded it in high definition so that we would be able to see all of the effects. As we were watching, I couldn't stop screaming..... I kept telling him what was going on, how it was in the book, where in the book it was, etc. He doesn't care too much for Edward but he sat there and let me have my school girl moment. I am in love with Twilight and I am so grateful that my husband decided to sit there with me and act just as excited as I was to see the special effects. Thanks babe.... Hope you guys enhoy it just as much as I did. Now I definately cannot wait to see the movie.