Monday, June 1, 2009


I love my husband.... last night, after we got home, TJ & I sat down together to watch the first official trailer for Twilight Saga: New Moon. He even downloaded it in high definition so that we would be able to see all of the effects. As we were watching, I couldn't stop screaming..... I kept telling him what was going on, how it was in the book, where in the book it was, etc. He doesn't care too much for Edward but he sat there and let me have my school girl moment. I am in love with Twilight and I am so grateful that my husband decided to sit there with me and act just as excited as I was to see the special effects. Thanks babe.... Hope you guys enhoy it just as much as I did. Now I definately cannot wait to see the movie.


Michelle P said...

Is it November yet!!!

What a good hubby!

Monty and Kristin said...

I have to say the second movie looks like it's going to be way good. Hope Nov comes quick.:) Oh, and thanks for the yummy birthday cake!! BTS!:)