Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sister Aukuso...

Today would have started off like any other Saturday..... but it didn't. Tini came over to the house around 7:00 in the morning so we had to get up. He came to get TJ to help him move some stuff but I usually get up when my husband does and try to find something to do because I feel bad for sleeping in when my husband is out working. Anyhow, after they leave, TJ comes back with glistening eyes and says, "Babe, Sister Aukuso passed away this morning." Aside from Wesley, I have never seen my husband shed a tear over someone who has passed away. So you can imagine how scared I was that he came all the way back to tell me something so early in the morning.

Sister Aukuso was one of the very few people in the ward that I wasn't related to. But because her husband and my dad were close friends, and my brothers and her sons practically grew up together, she was more than just another person in the ward. She was one of the sweetest persons around. She was very quiet and welcomed anyone who came. Like the majority of the people in our ward, she loved Volleyball and absolutly adored her kids. This photo was taken just two years ago. Sister Aukuso is the one holding the cake and the three boys on the right are her sons. One of the hardest things for me is having to see little children grow up without a mother or father. Her youngest son has just turned 3 and I regret that he won't be able to experience how great a person his mother truly was.