Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Holloween

I must first begin by saying that I had the most fascinating weekend ever. It all began Friday when one of TJ's "let's just try it" companies reimbursed the $60 they charged to my account without my consent...(that's another story.... I'll explain later.) After I came home from work, my little sister was home but my brothers were out with my dad looking for a Halloween costume. I asked her, "Why didn't you go with daddy to get a Halloween costume?" She replied by saying, "well mom and dad don't have a lot of money so this year I made my own costume." I continued by asking, "Well what are you going to be?" Then in typical Galu fashion she smiles like her idea was just so genius and says, "I'm going to wear my school uniform and go as a school girl." Uhhh......................................... Yeah, that was not gonna pass with me. I got home from work at around 6:20 and the holloween party started at 7:00. I asked my husband if I can use some money that was not in our budget to get my little sister an outfit and of course he said yes. Galu and I ran to the local 99 cents store and began our search. After about ten minutes, we decided she was going to be a dead disco girl. We got a blue sequined toddler disco dress which fit Galu like a spagetti strap she is so skinty.... a blue scarf, some HUGE sunglasses, make-up, and fake blood. All in all, we only spent $4.00. I was so proud of myself. She had black leggins and knee-high boots at home which she wore with the outfit. By the time she was all dressed up and pretty, she decided that she wanted to go as a live disco girl instead of a dead one because live girls looked so much prettier. As soon as I can find a picture, I will post one. All in all, I had so much fun runing through the 99 cent store with my little sister...

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