Sunday, December 27, 2009

We Love You Wes.....

It's a year today bro.... We absolutely love and miss you.

St. George College 19th Married Student Ward

TJ and I have finally found a ward that we are both very comfortable with today. It was a different experience for me because I have gone to a Samoan Ward all my life. Palagi people have a strange way of making Samoans like myself feel welcome. We tried two separate wards today. The first one was a family ward. TJ leaned over to me during the third speaker and said, "Lets leave after sacrament meeting." I was happy because I was falling asleep. Then we went to the second ward on our list and stayed for the entire service. It's a couples ward which I never knew even existed. Basically it is like a young marriage ward. Everyone either just got married or has only been married for a couple of years. We sat down for Sacrament Meeting and just knew that's where we were going to go. The bishopric is awesome and the ward clerk approached us as soon as sacrament meeting was over with the records request paperwork. As I was filling the paperwork out all I could think was, "OMG..... My dad is gonna go crazy when sees that we requested our records." My dad's the first counselor in my old ward and because our records are still in that ward, he held out hope that we'd give up and just come back home. Anyhow, I'm happy we've finally got a home ward.

On another note, we did visit the Samoan branch here and did not like it at all. It made me miss my Samoan ward back home. At least there, people made it a point to find out who your mother's father's grandmother was. And even if you weren't related to anyone, they would still make you feel welcomed. After introducing myself as Dora Salanoa from California, this woman comes up to me after class and this is how our conversation went. Mind you, all of this is in Samoan.

Woman: "Hey, I'm a Salanoa. What village is your Salanoa family from?"
Dora: "Oh no, I'm not the Salanoa. I'm a Malaeulu but my husband is Salanoa"
Woman: "Yeah..... You say your name Sister Salanoa. What village is your family from?"
Dora: "I'm not sure, my husband should know. He's the Salanoa. I'm a Malaeulu"
Woman: (Looking a bit irritated and starts speaking English) "Se Eh (OMG in Samoan)..... I know it. I want know where your village your family cause I am Salanoa."
Dora: I'm a Malaeulu. I don't know what village the Salanoa family is from.
Woman: (eyeballs popping out, she starts rubbing my back and says in Samoan slowly) "What village are you from?"
Dora: (Looks towards Laura a bit scared and irritated) "Uh......." (Then turns and walks out the chapel)

After the second Sunday, I looked at my uncle Sapati and said, "I'm never coming here again." I told him about the scary old lady and he just laughed and said, "Iz okay..... dem just not understand it cause you not speak it right way." I don't know how many ways I needed to say that I am not a Salanoa, I'm just married to one. I swear, you can never go anywhere in America without finding people you are somehow related to. My family is out here but I seriously thought we'd be the only Salanoa's out here. That scary old lady was just one part of the Salanoa family out here. TJ has no idea what village he is from and there was no way for them to make an official connection with him, but that didn't stop them from calling us cousin.....too much good

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Its been officially one month since we've moved to st. george. It's been fun so far, but this week was not a good one for TJ & I. TJ got sick Monday with the common cold. Fever, headache, body ache, loss of appetite..... you know, all of the symptoms you hate to get during the holidays. He just started to feel better Wednesday night and that is when it hit me. I was in bed all Thursday and had to practically force myself to get up this afternoon to have Christmas dinner with my family. Anyhow, I think I'm getting better and I know for a fact that TJ is better because he's eating a piece of pie while I'm writing this. Anyhow, I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas...