Friday, July 9, 2010

New Beginnings..... Again..... lol.....

Since our last blog, a lot of exciting things have happened for us. TJ has a better job and now works Tuesday thru Friday so now we get to go to church together. I got promoted at work so that in and of itself is totally awesome, and TJ & I moved into our own place. July first was our move in date and we have been soooo excited. We live a block away from the temple and the view in our front yard is awesome. We're a block away from the hospital, a block from the park, a block from the rec center, and most importantly, 2 blocks from school. Now when TJ starts in January, we won't have to worry about a ride. We've yet to get internet at home, but as soon as we do, I will post some pictures. Sorry my blog is updated only once a century... Till next time.....


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wong Ho.... You did it Cuzzo....

I have officially become a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and as of today actually care to watch a football game. Whats even better is that the 49ers is TJ's favorite football team so now we can actually be excited to watch the games together. Mike just got drafted in the first rounds of the NFL drafts tonight and is officially a Guard for the San Francisco 49ers. Mike is my cousin that played for Idaho who taught me how to de-bone a Notice that tiny little asian looking lady in the blue puletasi. Don't let her size fool you. Aunty Belinda is not one to mess around with. Kinda crazy that Mike's mother is half his size right... Congratulations on a job well done cuzz. In all that you do, stay real.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weird Results....

As you know, TJ & I have had the luxury of finally being able to see a doctor(s). Since our first appointment, we have seen specialist, had test results, and updated calls from our physicians. Can you believe it.... The doctor who actually pokes at you with the white coat actually calls you to get updates. I Love St. Geezy...... As for why we weren't able to have kids yet, lets just say that we know but we don't know.

According to my test results, my body is producing milk for a baby it thinks it should be feeding. That explains why I have pains in areas I shouldn't have pains and why just brushing up on something irritates the heck out of me. It also explains why all those times someone just gave birth and complained about how much breast feeding hurts, I would sit there and want to say, "I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!" Anyhow, I see a specialist on Wednesday about trying to regulate those hormones..... Everything else is operating just perfectly. My body just doesn't release an egg because it still seems to think I just gave birth....lmao.... Not cool at all.

As for TJ.... He was mortified. After our appointments, I get a call the next day at work from a specialist asking me what time he could drop off a machine for TJ because they needed to run some test on him while he slept because he would stop breathing in the middle of the night. I know this because anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing my husband sleep knows that he can snore louder than your baby can cry. Anyhow, I tell his doctor that they could drop it off at my job and I would bring it home. I then call TJ and say, "Hey babe, the doctor called and said that they are bringing your breathing machine because you might have sleep apnia." He was silent on the other end and I just immediately start crackin up. When he finally spoke up he said, "Shit babe........ That's not funny. Am I going to die??? What else did they say??? Oh man, this is what I get for making fun of your family" After laughing at him for about five more minutes and reassuring him that this IS what he gets for making fun of my I told him that we'd get through this. He saw the specialist and found that sleep apnia can be one of the reasons for his acid reflux which also explains some other pains he has. Long story short, fixing his sleep issues will fix so many other issues.

I absolutely love being in St. George. I absolutely love the fact that TJ & are able to finally get the medical attention we need. We feel more confident about our future and relish the joys that come with knowing that we would be able to grow old together. I love you babe.... Even with your sleep apnia :^P

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Living in California, I absolutely dreaded having to go the hospital. Having to set an appointment at 8:00 in the morning and waiting for hours to be seen was something I was not looking forward to. So today, TJ & I had appointments at 8:00 and got there @ 7:45 so that we can fill out paperwork and what not. Smart Right???? Yeah, that's what we thought. Tell me why we got to the Doctor's office before the Doctor or nurses showed up. They all started strolling in around 7:50-7:55. I'm thinking to myself, "Great, I'm gonna be late to work.......AGAIN!" I had to be at work by 9:30. Anyhow, we get into the office, sign in at exactly 8:00am, got paperwork and immediately started to fill it out. By 8:04.....I kid you not...... the nurse comes out and calls us in. We go through the regular routine with the nurse. She takes our height, weight, blood pressure, etc. Then she takes us to a room and I thought for sure we were going to have to wait for ever. We sat there for 3 minutes and then our doctor walked in. Then sat there and waited for us because we were still trying to fill out the papers from the beginning. I'm thinking, "Okay, we gotta hurry up because she must have a busy day scheduled." Instead, she slowed us down and spent a good 45 minutes talking about our needs and what not. We got lab work done and were out of there by 9:10. I was sooooo happy with the health services we received today and I'm super excited to finally get our issues fixed.... I can't wait to go back next tuesday to discuss my lab results and start the process of 'starting a family'....... Weird Right???? :^)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Movie Night!!!

I know you probably are looking for an actual post. I would do it if I had the time..... Anyhow, TJ & I are doing great.... Work, Church, Home..... Everything is pretty good. I would write about it, but I don't have time. I came on here primarily to share my excitement about the New Moon DVD coming out today. I can't wait to sit through all the special features tonight. Forget the movie, I already downloaded I can't wait to watch the speacial features......AHHH!!!!!

p.s. TJ is really happy that he has to work tonight :^P

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe..

Yesterday was TJ's birthday and unfortunately we weren't able to celebrate together because TJ had to work. So we decided to do it today. We had our first ever family home evening together. I did openning and closing prayer and TJ did the spiritual thought. Then we went to the visitors center and watch a movie about Joseph Smith's life. I am so happy that we have a visitors center so close to home. I've been taking advantage of everything in that center. Last month, they had an art exhibit on the life of Jesus Christ. It was the first time I ever cried just by looking at pictures. Anyhow, after the movie, TJ decided that he wanted to have dinner at the Texas Steak Roadhouse place that Monty was talking about. Let me just say girls....... The bread at that place alone is a God Bless America moment in and of itself. The shrimp and steak just make you want to sing the star spangled banner. It was sooooo delicious. TJ was smilin the entire time he was eating. It was hilarious. Of course we couldn't finish all the food they gave us, so I will be having steak for lunch. Happy Birthday babe.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cry Much???

Sorry about my little breakdown a few days ago. I had a little moment of weakness....lmao.... Since then, I've been talking to my family every single day and I have been getting used to not being there. I still cry like a little idiot every time we have to say goodbye but its a work in progress. TJ and I have been busy trying to prepare our talks because we are speaking in sacrament meeting this Sunday. That in itself keeps me up at night. Anyhow, TJ and I are doing good and we have created a new goal for ourselves. It will be a bit weird at first I'm sure but we are going to start having FHE together...... That's right...... FHE...... just the two of us. I'm sure we'll laugh a lot but its a start right? Till next time.......


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I miss my family.....

My brother Adonis called me today. Since being accepted into the Riverside School for the Deaf, his speach and hearing has improved dramatically. He actually wears his hearing aid now and is part of the basketball team there. When I answered my phone, I was shocked to hear my brother say, "Dora.... I have game tomorrow and I want you and TJ to come." I couldn't do anything but sit here like an idiot and cry................ I understood him............ The part that made me cry even more was when he asked, "Dora, why you crying." At first I thought I was trippin. Until he asked me again. After asking a couple of questions myself like, "You hear me?" I was amazed at how he answered each question I asked............correctly. I was so overcome with emotion that I couldn't help myself. MY BROTHER CAN HEAR ME!!! Having to tell him that I couldn't make it to his basketball game because I was in Utah was one of the hardest things for me. I couldn't help but feel like such a bad older sister. My brother can hear me for the first time and the first thing he hears me say is that I can't be there for him. After speaking with Adonis, my little sister came on the phone and updated me with everything she was going through. We talked about school and how she's been keeping up her grades, the boy name Alex who sits next to her in class that she likes, her confused friend who told her that if he were a girl he would totally date Alex.....she asked for some advice with that one cause she was thinking WTH herself...... then she went into how bored she was since we left. How she missed our little movie nights and how boring it is have my old room without me in it. My brother Adonijah has a crush on a girl in school and didn't know how to approach her. He also informed me that he has set a goal to complete his Eagle before he's 16. I've only been gone for 2 months but I fell like they are growing so fast and that I am missing such a huge portion of their lives. I know that being here is the right thing for TJ & I but I really just want to go back home.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Would you like turkey with that?

As I posted earlier, TJ is working in the cafeteria at the hospital here in town. Each day he comes home, he tells me what new thing hes learned to make. He brags about how beautiful his food comes out and how he takes pride in making everything he serves really pretty. Today he comes home and he tells me, "I got an order today to make a Turkey sandwich. As I was making it, I took my time and made sure everything was pretty on the sandwich. When I handed it to the nurse she said, 'Wow, that is one beautiful sandwich.' Five minutes later, the nurse calls back and says, 'Can I get another sandwich.' To which TJ replies, 'It was that good huh?' Then the nurse said, 'Well I'm sure it would have been but there was no Turkey in my Turkey sandwich.'" I could not help but laugh in his face. I was like, "Hey, look at the bright side. At least you get to go to work tomorrow and make everyone a cheeseburger without the hamburger patty." I'm sure he wanted to slap me after that comment but we couldn't help but laugh at it for the rest of the night.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Husband Tag

This is from some of the girls in my ward who also blog. They did some tag thing which basically means I do the survey and pass it on type of business. Never did one before so I thought, "Why not...." So, here goes nothing.....
  1. Where did you meet your husband? We met at the Rialto, CA. stake center when I was 13. It was at my older brother Nelson's wedding. I was sitting on the stairs trying to hide from everyone and he came over and started talking to me.
  2. How long did you date before you got married? A little over 7 months.
  3. How long have you been married? 3 years and 5 months
  4. What does he do to surprise you? I am ashamed to admit that I take my husband for granted sometimes. He does a lot to surprise me. He'll bring me lunch at work, massage my feet when I'm tired, and even plan random date nights.
  5. What is your favorite feature of his? His hair. It puts mine to shame when he grows it out. Maybe its just me, but I absolutely love his hair when its shoulder length.
  6. What is your favorite quality? Sometimes I hate it, but I love that he is blunt. I'm a bit out spoken myself. But I think its a good thing. It definitely helped our marriage when we decided to just be blunt about everything
  7. Does he have a nickname for you? Aside from the regular babe, love, hun....... he calls me Coconut. He's called me coconut since we became best friends. He says it best describes me because I'm brown on the outside and white on the inside.
  8. What is his favorite food? He loves pasta. He absolutely loves Alfredo. But lately, he'd probably say it is steak. He had one from Applebee's the other day and savored every single bite.
  9. What is his favorite sport? He loves watching USC College Football or Laker's Basketball games. But he LOVES playing Volleyball.
  10. When and where did you first kiss? It was in December 2005 at a beach in Corona Del Mar. There were shooting stars and everything. I remember wanting to slap him because I felt so weird with all the romantic
  11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Aside from eating....... its a toss up between watching a movie or simply lying in bed and just talking about our day.
  12. Do you have children? Not yet...... They're still waiting for us to get it together.
  13. Does he have any hidden talents? He can dance...... really well I might add. I think my husbands the sexiest salsa dancer ever. He just doesn't do cause I don't do it.
  14. How old is he? 27. He'll be 28 in less than 3 weeks.
  15. Who said I love you first? He did.
  16. What is his favorite music? He likes everything. The only thing he doesn't listen to is polka music. Aside from that, you name it, he knows it.
  17. What do you admire most about him? His ability to make me feel like to most important person on earth. I also love that he is funny and very supportive of my decisions no matter how dumb.
  18. What is his favorite color? Red
  19. Will he read this? Probably not.....
  20. People I tag? The only other two people who would probably read this. Kristin and Cindy. And anyone else who cares to write about their husband.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simply surviving.....

Getting back into the habit of working full time has been a very rewarding experience. Starting Tuesday, we've gotten up every morning a bit exhausted, but eager to get to work. Our move here was such a HUGE leap of faith, but I feel so grateful each and every morning I get up that we decided to just do it. The jobs that TJ & I planned to work at when we left California are not the jobs that we are working now. During the interview process for those jobs, we had a feeling that the Lord had something greater for us so we sort of swept those jobs aside and went looking. After job hunting, multiple interviews, and many job offers, we now have jobs we genuinely enjoy. I'm working at Allconnect which is basically a mover's servicing company. Anytime someone is moving, they call us and we set up new service or transfer existing services such as phone, cable, and Internet. This week has been nothing but training. I feel exhausted just thinking about all the information I tried to learn this week but I am truly grateful because I feel like this is where I was meant to be. TJ started working at the hospital this week. He is working in the cafeteria and we absolutely love the fact that we don't have to spend money on his He gets free lunch there which is totally AWESOME..... But that's not the best part. Working at the hospital means great benefits and they pay for your school if you want to further your education. TJ & I truly feel blessed because our whole purpose for coming here was to get settled, start a family, and finish school. For the first time since we've been married, I truly believe that we will be able to accomplish those goals. I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with such a wonderful opportunity to fulfill our goals. Our experiences within the last month and a half has truly tested our faith but I am happy that the Lord has never left our side. Its been a testament to me that if we truly listen to the Lord and follow his will that we will be blessed. Well, enough of my babbling. Till next time.......

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Beginnings...

Starting the new year away from my family was a pretty weird experience. TJ and I rang in the New Year this year at a community event called First Night. I've always watched movies and thought it would be cool to live in a small town where everyone gets along and celebrates holidays in the middle of town square. Well I finally had that experience this year. There were different food booths, game booths, weird singers, and dancing. I felt like I was on the set of a movie or something. Everyone was so nice. Twenty minutes before midnight, TJ & I decided to go up in the mountains for a better view of the fireworks show. The cops that were patrolling told us of a good place in the mountains to park and we absolutely loved the show. There were a couple of other people on the same mountain with us and we all rang in the new year together.

St. George has turned out to be a wonderful growing and learning experience for my husband and I. We have been so blessed each and every single day here. Tomorrow I start my new job and I am so excited. They only had part-time positions available but after the interview process, the H.R. guy decided to hire me on for a full time position with benefits after the first 30 days of employment. I've had soooo many job opportunities offered to me out here, I'm kind of sad that I didn't come here earlier. I am so grateful that my husband listened to the prompting he was given. I am happy that we acted on that inspiration and that we are here working towards our future goals. May this new year be full of love, laughter, new beginnings, and greater accomplishments for us all.