Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe..

Yesterday was TJ's birthday and unfortunately we weren't able to celebrate together because TJ had to work. So we decided to do it today. We had our first ever family home evening together. I did openning and closing prayer and TJ did the spiritual thought. Then we went to the visitors center and watch a movie about Joseph Smith's life. I am so happy that we have a visitors center so close to home. I've been taking advantage of everything in that center. Last month, they had an art exhibit on the life of Jesus Christ. It was the first time I ever cried just by looking at pictures. Anyhow, after the movie, TJ decided that he wanted to have dinner at the Texas Steak Roadhouse place that Monty was talking about. Let me just say girls....... The bread at that place alone is a God Bless America moment in and of itself. The shrimp and steak just make you want to sing the star spangled banner. It was sooooo delicious. TJ was smilin the entire time he was eating. It was hilarious. Of course we couldn't finish all the food they gave us, so I will be having steak for lunch. Happy Birthday babe.