Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Living in California, I absolutely dreaded having to go the hospital. Having to set an appointment at 8:00 in the morning and waiting for hours to be seen was something I was not looking forward to. So today, TJ & I had appointments at 8:00 and got there @ 7:45 so that we can fill out paperwork and what not. Smart Right???? Yeah, that's what we thought. Tell me why we got to the Doctor's office before the Doctor or nurses showed up. They all started strolling in around 7:50-7:55. I'm thinking to myself, "Great, I'm gonna be late to work.......AGAIN!" I had to be at work by 9:30. Anyhow, we get into the office, sign in at exactly 8:00am, got paperwork and immediately started to fill it out. By 8:04.....I kid you not...... the nurse comes out and calls us in. We go through the regular routine with the nurse. She takes our height, weight, blood pressure, etc. Then she takes us to a room and I thought for sure we were going to have to wait for ever. We sat there for 3 minutes and then our doctor walked in. Then sat there and waited for us because we were still trying to fill out the papers from the beginning. I'm thinking, "Okay, we gotta hurry up because she must have a busy day scheduled." Instead, she slowed us down and spent a good 45 minutes talking about our needs and what not. We got lab work done and were out of there by 9:10. I was sooooo happy with the health services we received today and I'm super excited to finally get our issues fixed.... I can't wait to go back next tuesday to discuss my lab results and start the process of 'starting a family'....... Weird Right???? :^)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Movie Night!!!

I know you probably are looking for an actual post. I would do it if I had the time..... Anyhow, TJ & I are doing great.... Work, Church, Home..... Everything is pretty good. I would write about it, but I don't have time. I came on here primarily to share my excitement about the New Moon DVD coming out today. I can't wait to sit through all the special features tonight. Forget the movie, I already downloaded I can't wait to watch the speacial features......AHHH!!!!!

p.s. TJ is really happy that he has to work tonight :^P