Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weird Results....

As you know, TJ & I have had the luxury of finally being able to see a doctor(s). Since our first appointment, we have seen specialist, had test results, and updated calls from our physicians. Can you believe it.... The doctor who actually pokes at you with the white coat actually calls you to get updates. I Love St. Geezy...... As for why we weren't able to have kids yet, lets just say that we know but we don't know.

According to my test results, my body is producing milk for a baby it thinks it should be feeding. That explains why I have pains in areas I shouldn't have pains and why just brushing up on something irritates the heck out of me. It also explains why all those times someone just gave birth and complained about how much breast feeding hurts, I would sit there and want to say, "I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!" Anyhow, I see a specialist on Wednesday about trying to regulate those hormones..... Everything else is operating just perfectly. My body just doesn't release an egg because it still seems to think I just gave birth....lmao.... Not cool at all.

As for TJ.... He was mortified. After our appointments, I get a call the next day at work from a specialist asking me what time he could drop off a machine for TJ because they needed to run some test on him while he slept because he would stop breathing in the middle of the night. I know this because anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing my husband sleep knows that he can snore louder than your baby can cry. Anyhow, I tell his doctor that they could drop it off at my job and I would bring it home. I then call TJ and say, "Hey babe, the doctor called and said that they are bringing your breathing machine because you might have sleep apnia." He was silent on the other end and I just immediately start crackin up. When he finally spoke up he said, "Shit babe........ That's not funny. Am I going to die??? What else did they say??? Oh man, this is what I get for making fun of your family" After laughing at him for about five more minutes and reassuring him that this IS what he gets for making fun of my I told him that we'd get through this. He saw the specialist and found that sleep apnia can be one of the reasons for his acid reflux which also explains some other pains he has. Long story short, fixing his sleep issues will fix so many other issues.

I absolutely love being in St. George. I absolutely love the fact that TJ & are able to finally get the medical attention we need. We feel more confident about our future and relish the joys that come with knowing that we would be able to grow old together. I love you babe.... Even with your sleep apnia :^P


James and Cindy said...

FINALLY!!!!! I have been waiting to hear something about your visit to the doctor. I am glad you guys are on the right track and that you have found out things that will help you guys. Good luck. And TJ, yes, sleep apnia can be a problem, but as long as you keep it under control with meds/machine there should be no problem. I can't wait to see you guys next weekend, and you BETTER STILL BE COMING!!!!!

Monty and Kristin said...

wow...those both sound fixable. great doctors. sure r weird results. never heard of yours. poor thing. I can imagine that pain. not cool! hope it's an easy fix and you guys can move on! good luck