Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

The only thing sad about this Christmas was the fact that Mom & Dad couldn't be here.  The kids came up to see us and spend their Christmas break with us since we weren't able to go down to Cali.  I hadn't seen them since the summer... so when they got here, we were soooo shocked by how big they'd gotten.  So this year, I decided to take some photos as a gift for Mom & Dad.  A good friend of mine from work named Michelle Bronicel met up with the kids and I in town square and went to work.  We had to make it a quick session because not only was it freezing outside... it was windy as well.  Here are some of my favorite shots. They look so grown in this shot.

I think we're going to put this one on a canvas for Mom & Dad.

 Don't mind my roots....lol...

This is my fave... Michelle took it while the boys were goofing around.  It's the only photo we got of TJ actually smiling.  :)  I love that guy.  But he hates taking pictures...

 Later that night, we went to my Uncle Sapati's house to meet up with the cousins and play some games.  I LOVE FAMILY TIME!  We played name that tune and some other games and totally didn't play by the rules... but who cares... we were together and that's all that matters right :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Athena, Persephone, Mahonri, Serenity?

Transcript of Thanksgiving conversation with Mom:

Dora: Sorry we couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving mom. I had to wor.....

Mom: It's ok.... I don't care..... Guess What?

Dora: Uhhhh... What.... you don't care?

Mom: Eh.... listen real fast. My friend called me on sunday and asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to adopt her daughter's baby because she's pregnant again and doesn't want the baby. So I told her my daughter wouldn't mind because she's been trying to have a baby for 6 years. So I talked to the daughter. She's 26 years old and this is her third baby that she is giving up for an adoption because she's not married yet and she doesn't want to be a mom. Then I told her that YOU said that you wanted to be a mother. And I told her, "Oh man, my son in law said he is soooo happy." Then they said that the baby will be due in February and I told them its no problem. February, January, tomorrow.... they'll take it. Isn't that good? Aren't you happy? I'm gonna be a grandmother...

*Dad in the background
: Chee-ho..... We're having a baby everybody!

Mom: Oh, and the baby is full Samoan. So what do you think?....... Hello?????????...........

Dora: Wait a minute.....

Mom: So do you want the baby?

Dora: Wait.... I gotta tell TJ

Mom: Its a simple answer.... Yes....or..... No!

Dora: I said Wait woman!.... You're not asking me whether or not I want a cheeseburger. TJ and I have had this discussion before and I'm more than sure he'll say yes, but I still have to tell him about it.

Mom: Oh my gos (Not "GOSH"... she says "GOS")..... hurry..... tell him....

Dora: (puts the phone on Mute....) Aaaaaahhhhh! TJ, there's this girl that wants us to adopt her baby and she wants to know if we'd be willing to.

* TJ: Say Yes!
* Me: Mom already did.
* TJ: What?
* Me: I know right.... She's crazy.
* Together: We're gonna have a baby.....Aaaaahhhhh!)

Dora: (Un-mutes the phone...) Mom...... TJ said NO!

Mom: TJ said what? Oh hell no... Dad... TJ said no! I don't understand, I thought you guys would be excited..... (Mom.... about to cry...)

Dora: Are you crazy woman..... TJ would never say no. I would never say no. Of course we want the baby! I want to be a MOM..... (TJ:...And I'ma be a D.A.D.D.Y!)

Mom: (Mom.... really crying now...) I'm gonna be a grandmother everybody:) I'm gonna be a grandmother..... in February....

Everybody: We're having a baby in February.

Dora: (About and hour later)Holy crap..... I'm gonna be someone's mother in less than 3 months.

I'm excited to finally post that TJ and I are adopting. That's right aunties (Kristen & Cindy, who I'm sure are the only ones that actually read this...lol...) we are going to have a baby:) We didn't really want to say anything because with an adoption, there's still a chance that the family would say no. But during sacrament meeting this week, TJ turns to me and says, "You should just tell people because I already told everyone."...lol...

The opportunity to be a parent is one that I cherish. We've had 4 miscarriages so far. It's funny because my OB said that if all goes well with my meds that we should be pregnant again by Jan/Feb. He laughed when I told him that we adopting a baby in February. He said, "Didn't I tell you we'd be expecting soon." We've played around with some names. I love greek names. We know that if we have a boy, his name will be Mahonri. (Muh-hon-RI not Muh-hon-ree). For a girl, it'll either be Persephone or Athena... or.... Serenity..... or..... Let's just say, we haven't agreed on a name yet for a girl... Till next time....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Time Between Now & Eternity

I find it hard to believe sometimes that people are TRULY happy. I mean really.... what does it really mean. I find myself dazing off and even sometimes daydreaming about what my Utopia would be like.... and then, when I come to.... I just laugh. It happened again today while I was at work. I had a moment where I sorta just dazed off. The world went silent and the computer screen that was once sitting on my desk in front of me was now a centerpiece in the middle of a small table located in a back yard of a decent home under a tree. I sat there, and the only thing I saw was my family. It had to have been a reunion of some sort. I was sitting with TJ talking to our parents, and my grandparents.... or not talking..... just smiling..... and then as quickly as it appeared it was gone...........

RANDOM RIGHT?????......

I thought to myself, "I need to stop being so damn medicated all the time." This scene has played out in dreams, day dreams, and just in random places like work, church, at the grocery store, while cutting coupons. Just plain randomness. But then I think about it the possibility of this scene actually happening and I feel happy..... Truly Happy. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation because although this may seem like I'm going crazy.... I know that this is just a glimpse of what I may someday be doing...... Sometime between now and eternity.... The man I love and one of the most important men to walk the face of this planet, will be able to meet and talk and laugh together.... Just thought I'd share a glimpse of my Utopia with you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So since TJ and I have been in Utah, we really haven't done much but work and.... work. However, today was a whole new day and we actually went fishing. We went fishing up at the Kolob Reservoir. It stays bright out here pretty late. This photo was take at a quarter to 10......pm. Krazy right??? I had no idea how late it really was till we started driving home. It was absolutely beautiful out there. TJ was bold enough to swim in the reservoir and I actually used a real fishing pole...lol...
I got some slack for my fishing outfit... But what do you expect from a girl who generally never cares to be outdoors. We ended up staying out there for 8 hours. It was such a relaxing experience that we didn't even realize we had been out there that long. I would definitely recommending fishing to anyone looking for something to do out in Southern Utah. I know for a fact that this will be one activity that we will have to do again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

And Today makes 5..... YEARS!!!

Time has flown by soooo quickly. I can't believe its been 5 years since we've been married. I feel truly blessed to be married to the love of my life. I love the face that anytime someone asks us how long we've been married, we both answer 2 or 3 years. Then we think about it and realize that its actually been 5. TJ took me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here in town called Sakura's. It's the closest thing to decent seafood offered here in St. George. In the past 5 years of marriage, we've done some really crazy things together. Made some extreme decisions about life. Had great times.... and really really bad times.... But we experienced them all together. Some of the madness that's happened so far:

  1. We were able to get sealed to each other for time and all eternity in March 2008.

  2. We moved to St. George on a whim within 48 hours in November 2009.

  3. We've had 3 miscarriages so far. Not something I care to elaborate on, but it is something I don't want to forget.

  4. Found out that TJ has sleep apnia. He now sleeps with a CPAP machine every night and I'm so happy for him because he can actually get a gopod nights rest.

  5. Found out that the reason we haven't been able to get pregnant properly is because of a brain tumor in my brain that tricks my body into thinking that its got to produce milk for a baby it thinks it should be feeding. Still getting this looked at constantly... I'm just happy I'm in Utah instead of California because the medical care here is much much better:)

  6. TJ loves downloading movies and is looking forward to more outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and swimming in as many lakes around town as possible.

  7. TJ works for Cinnamon Hills as a youth counselor.Dora works as a Cable Product Specialist for Allconnect.

  8. Currently called Missionaries in the Mission Counsel at Church

  9. Met and hugged President Uchtdorf when he visited our ward.... one of the highlights of my life..... absolutely love that guy.

  10. Decided to start savings to take a vacation across Italy on one of the LDS tours:) I can't wait to post when that actually happens:)

I love you TJ and will continue to love you for Eternity:) Thanks for continuing to grow as a worthy priesthood holder, a greater husband, and a better friend. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you......

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I don't know exactly how to feel right now. I know its been a while since I've written anything on this blog..... but today is probably a good time to start. Mom called me today after church and said that she simply wanted to talk to me. We talked for about 30 minutes about everything under the sun. I was great conversation until we started to say goodbye. As we were about to get off the phone, she tells me that she found lumps in her breast and that he doctor told her that she is being screened for breast cancer. I was at a loss for words. I knew I didn't want to react right away because this is something that she was experiencing and I just needed to be there for her. My grandmother and 3 aunts have died of this disease and Mom admitted that she is scared. I was on the verge of freaking out, but didn't want to cry over the phone. So I told her that I knew she was strong enough to get through this. And that no matter what, I will be by her side whenever we knew what her treatment options were. We stayed on the phone for about 15 more minutes just talking about her health.... and then she sneaks in that Dad was recovering from surgery.

I swear, I began to feel like the worse daughter ever. Not only is my mom telling me about her health issues, I had no idea that my Dad needed surgery. Mom's excuse was that they did not want to worry us. I had mixed feelings about this but didn't want to come off as insensitive. So I just stayed quiet. After getting off the phone, I came to the realization that my parents are getting older. I don't know if it's just me, but I've always viewed my parents as young, strong, and healthy. They've never seemed older to me..... until today. This thought was so overwhelming for me and I couldn't do anything but cry. I haven't felt this much sorrow since my grandfather died. I felt scared, vulnerable, helpless, irritated, angry, depressed, irritated, etc. I didn't know what to do... so I cried some more. I think I might have freaked TJ out a little bit because even though he tried to comfort me, it didn't work. I some odd way, he didn't exist to me at that moment. He was just there. I hate feeling this way. I hate feeling helpless. TJ asked what he could do, and all I wanted to do was leave and be with my family. We are going this weekend as an anniversary gift. I've never wanted to be at home more or been more homesick than I am at this very moment. I hope this post made sense. I sorta typed whatever came to mind and I'm too lazy to go back and proofread this to make sure it makes any sense. Anyways... I love you with all of my heart mom and I'm so grateful for being blessed with a mother who has stuck by my side regardless of what other people said. I will forever be grateful for you.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We've Moved......Again

TJ and I moved again this past weekend. We loved our old place. It was newer and we were the first family to live in the unit. But our year came and we had to decide whether we were going to renew our lease or not. Before church, I decided to just look on Craigslist to see if there was anything worth looking at. Much to my surprised, I was able to find a 2-bedroom, 2-Bath condo with a 1 car garage and patio for $20 more than what we were paying for a 2-bedroom, 1 bath apartment. After screaming and telling TJ to wake up several times, we were able to meet with the landlord and move in 2 days later. We love the extra space. Its an older unit, but its absolutely spacious in comparison to the other place so we love it. Looking forward to actually decorating this place. I'll post pictures soon:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cable Product Specialist

It's Official.... 7 interviews and 1 presentation later, I landed my first promotion at work. I have become the Cable Product Specialist. Its a Corporate position at Allconnect and I work somewhat as a liason between cable companies like Comcast or Charter and Allconnect. I absolutely love my new position. I was able to go to Atlanta for training... and my co-workers there made sure I was well taken care of. Aside from working, I was more so excited to just be on the East Coast for the first time. I wished TJ was with me... That was the only downfall. But I was able to experience some new restaurants:)
PAPPADEAUX - My cousin Allen served in Atlanta and this was the one place he told me I had to try. Very cajun and very expensive. Eating here made me grateful that a coorporate credit card actually exsited. The food was sooooo good that the girls and I ended up going back for dinner.

THE WAFFLE HOUSE - I had my first grits experience here. I thought it was the East Coast version of Tom's Burger but much much better. The prices were pretty much similar as well.

CORPORATE ATRIUM - I'd say the thing I loved most about Atlanta were all of the trees. This is the Atrium at our Corporate office and I loved going to work everyday just to look at it. It was absolutely gorgeous. It could be because I'm Samoan and have grown tired of the red mountains. Either way, trees were everywhere out there. AND I LOVED IT ALL!!!

I've got tons of other photos but these 3 are probably my favorite. i'm so grateful for my job and the opportunity it gives TJ & I to provide for ourselves. I get to help people out and work with numbers all day. One would say that it is sort of my dream job.... but I don't want to settle just yet. I still want to finish school. My bosses are sort of like my parents in a sense because they are always pushing me to finish as well. Looking forward to that post when I can actually write that I've finally finished school. Until then..... Have a great day:)