Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cable Product Specialist

It's Official.... 7 interviews and 1 presentation later, I landed my first promotion at work. I have become the Cable Product Specialist. Its a Corporate position at Allconnect and I work somewhat as a liason between cable companies like Comcast or Charter and Allconnect. I absolutely love my new position. I was able to go to Atlanta for training... and my co-workers there made sure I was well taken care of. Aside from working, I was more so excited to just be on the East Coast for the first time. I wished TJ was with me... That was the only downfall. But I was able to experience some new restaurants:)
PAPPADEAUX - My cousin Allen served in Atlanta and this was the one place he told me I had to try. Very cajun and very expensive. Eating here made me grateful that a coorporate credit card actually exsited. The food was sooooo good that the girls and I ended up going back for dinner.

THE WAFFLE HOUSE - I had my first grits experience here. I thought it was the East Coast version of Tom's Burger but much much better. The prices were pretty much similar as well.

CORPORATE ATRIUM - I'd say the thing I loved most about Atlanta were all of the trees. This is the Atrium at our Corporate office and I loved going to work everyday just to look at it. It was absolutely gorgeous. It could be because I'm Samoan and have grown tired of the red mountains. Either way, trees were everywhere out there. AND I LOVED IT ALL!!!

I've got tons of other photos but these 3 are probably my favorite. i'm so grateful for my job and the opportunity it gives TJ & I to provide for ourselves. I get to help people out and work with numbers all day. One would say that it is sort of my dream job.... but I don't want to settle just yet. I still want to finish school. My bosses are sort of like my parents in a sense because they are always pushing me to finish as well. Looking forward to that post when I can actually write that I've finally finished school. Until then..... Have a great day:)