Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So since TJ and I have been in Utah, we really haven't done much but work and.... work. However, today was a whole new day and we actually went fishing. We went fishing up at the Kolob Reservoir. It stays bright out here pretty late. This photo was take at a quarter to 10......pm. Krazy right??? I had no idea how late it really was till we started driving home. It was absolutely beautiful out there. TJ was bold enough to swim in the reservoir and I actually used a real fishing pole...lol...
I got some slack for my fishing outfit... But what do you expect from a girl who generally never cares to be outdoors. We ended up staying out there for 8 hours. It was such a relaxing experience that we didn't even realize we had been out there that long. I would definitely recommending fishing to anyone looking for something to do out in Southern Utah. I know for a fact that this will be one activity that we will have to do again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

And Today makes 5..... YEARS!!!

Time has flown by soooo quickly. I can't believe its been 5 years since we've been married. I feel truly blessed to be married to the love of my life. I love the face that anytime someone asks us how long we've been married, we both answer 2 or 3 years. Then we think about it and realize that its actually been 5. TJ took me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here in town called Sakura's. It's the closest thing to decent seafood offered here in St. George. In the past 5 years of marriage, we've done some really crazy things together. Made some extreme decisions about life. Had great times.... and really really bad times.... But we experienced them all together. Some of the madness that's happened so far:

  1. We were able to get sealed to each other for time and all eternity in March 2008.

  2. We moved to St. George on a whim within 48 hours in November 2009.

  3. We've had 3 miscarriages so far. Not something I care to elaborate on, but it is something I don't want to forget.

  4. Found out that TJ has sleep apnia. He now sleeps with a CPAP machine every night and I'm so happy for him because he can actually get a gopod nights rest.

  5. Found out that the reason we haven't been able to get pregnant properly is because of a brain tumor in my brain that tricks my body into thinking that its got to produce milk for a baby it thinks it should be feeding. Still getting this looked at constantly... I'm just happy I'm in Utah instead of California because the medical care here is much much better:)

  6. TJ loves downloading movies and is looking forward to more outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and swimming in as many lakes around town as possible.

  7. TJ works for Cinnamon Hills as a youth counselor.Dora works as a Cable Product Specialist for Allconnect.

  8. Currently called Missionaries in the Mission Counsel at Church

  9. Met and hugged President Uchtdorf when he visited our ward.... one of the highlights of my life..... absolutely love that guy.

  10. Decided to start savings to take a vacation across Italy on one of the LDS tours:) I can't wait to post when that actually happens:)

I love you TJ and will continue to love you for Eternity:) Thanks for continuing to grow as a worthy priesthood holder, a greater husband, and a better friend. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you......