Friday, December 16, 2011

Athena, Persephone, Mahonri, Serenity?

Transcript of Thanksgiving conversation with Mom:

Dora: Sorry we couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving mom. I had to wor.....

Mom: It's ok.... I don't care..... Guess What?

Dora: Uhhhh... What.... you don't care?

Mom: Eh.... listen real fast. My friend called me on sunday and asked if I knew anyone who would be willing to adopt her daughter's baby because she's pregnant again and doesn't want the baby. So I told her my daughter wouldn't mind because she's been trying to have a baby for 6 years. So I talked to the daughter. She's 26 years old and this is her third baby that she is giving up for an adoption because she's not married yet and she doesn't want to be a mom. Then I told her that YOU said that you wanted to be a mother. And I told her, "Oh man, my son in law said he is soooo happy." Then they said that the baby will be due in February and I told them its no problem. February, January, tomorrow.... they'll take it. Isn't that good? Aren't you happy? I'm gonna be a grandmother...

*Dad in the background
: Chee-ho..... We're having a baby everybody!

Mom: Oh, and the baby is full Samoan. So what do you think?....... Hello?????????...........

Dora: Wait a minute.....

Mom: So do you want the baby?

Dora: Wait.... I gotta tell TJ

Mom: Its a simple answer.... Yes....or..... No!

Dora: I said Wait woman!.... You're not asking me whether or not I want a cheeseburger. TJ and I have had this discussion before and I'm more than sure he'll say yes, but I still have to tell him about it.

Mom: Oh my gos (Not "GOSH"... she says "GOS")..... hurry..... tell him....

Dora: (puts the phone on Mute....) Aaaaaahhhhh! TJ, there's this girl that wants us to adopt her baby and she wants to know if we'd be willing to.

* TJ: Say Yes!
* Me: Mom already did.
* TJ: What?
* Me: I know right.... She's crazy.
* Together: We're gonna have a baby.....Aaaaahhhhh!)

Dora: (Un-mutes the phone...) Mom...... TJ said NO!

Mom: TJ said what? Oh hell no... Dad... TJ said no! I don't understand, I thought you guys would be excited..... (Mom.... about to cry...)

Dora: Are you crazy woman..... TJ would never say no. I would never say no. Of course we want the baby! I want to be a MOM..... (TJ:...And I'ma be a D.A.D.D.Y!)

Mom: (Mom.... really crying now...) I'm gonna be a grandmother everybody:) I'm gonna be a grandmother..... in February....

Everybody: We're having a baby in February.

Dora: (About and hour later)Holy crap..... I'm gonna be someone's mother in less than 3 months.

I'm excited to finally post that TJ and I are adopting. That's right aunties (Kristen & Cindy, who I'm sure are the only ones that actually read we are going to have a baby:) We didn't really want to say anything because with an adoption, there's still a chance that the family would say no. But during sacrament meeting this week, TJ turns to me and says, "You should just tell people because I already told everyone."

The opportunity to be a parent is one that I cherish. We've had 4 miscarriages so far. It's funny because my OB said that if all goes well with my meds that we should be pregnant again by Jan/Feb. He laughed when I told him that we adopting a baby in February. He said, "Didn't I tell you we'd be expecting soon." We've played around with some names. I love greek names. We know that if we have a boy, his name will be Mahonri. (Muh-hon-RI not Muh-hon-ree). For a girl, it'll either be Persephone or Athena... or.... Serenity..... or..... Let's just say, we haven't agreed on a name yet for a girl... Till next time....


Monty and Kristin said...

Are you kidding me? that's awesome! I'm so excited for you guys. How fun. So, for the record Mahonri is one of my favorite name! It's so noble. I also love Serenity for a girl! I've thought of that name, but never had a chance to use it. Sarene is close and one of my good friends in Hawaii used it. However, they said her personality was more like STORM. Anyway...I'm so excited you are going to be parents! That's just wonderful. I love your phone call. What a blessing/tender mercy. Keep us updated!!;)

hayLa said...

I love your mom and miss her so much. I am so excited for you guys and know you will be awesome parents. I vote Malaeulu for the middle name regardless of the gender. Yes! Please keep us updated. Love you guys!

Kennon and Lety Anderson said...

Yay!! I'm glad I read you blog! Thats is SO exciting you guys! congrats :) You guys will be awesome parents!