Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

The only thing sad about this Christmas was the fact that Mom & Dad couldn't be here.  The kids came up to see us and spend their Christmas break with us since we weren't able to go down to Cali.  I hadn't seen them since the summer... so when they got here, we were soooo shocked by how big they'd gotten.  So this year, I decided to take some photos as a gift for Mom & Dad.  A good friend of mine from work named Michelle Bronicel met up with the kids and I in town square and went to work.  We had to make it a quick session because not only was it freezing outside... it was windy as well.  Here are some of my favorite shots. They look so grown in this shot.

I think we're going to put this one on a canvas for Mom & Dad.

 Don't mind my roots....lol...

This is my fave... Michelle took it while the boys were goofing around.  It's the only photo we got of TJ actually smiling.  :)  I love that guy.  But he hates taking pictures...

 Later that night, we went to my Uncle Sapati's house to meet up with the cousins and play some games.  I LOVE FAMILY TIME!  We played name that tune and some other games and totally didn't play by the rules... but who cares... we were together and that's all that matters right :)

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