Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cake Boss, Lady Liberty, & Ellis Island

It was my first day off this whole week and we literally tried to fit in as much as we could.  I think we did a pretty good job of running around the city if I do say so myself.  One of the great things about staying in Jersey is the fact that it was right in the middle of everything that I wanted to see.  The first thing we did this morning was visit the Cake Boss bakery in Hoboken, NJ.  TJ and I absolutely love this show, so it was definitely at the top of the to do list.  We were so happy to get to the front of the line... I didn't care that we looked like tourist.

 Everything in this photo was sooooooooo gooooooood.....  The Lobster tails were as delicious as they make it look in the show.

Buddy... the kid... was working in the shop when we came through... so I screamed his name and asked him for a photo.  His mom was in the back and on the phone...

This is the guy that took our order and helped us navigate through the chaos.

We had two boxes that looked exactly like this.... One for now... and one for later :)

After getting our sugar fix for the day, we went back to our hotel to drop off the car and took a taxi in to the city.  We wanted to take the tour of the Statue of liberty and Ellis Island.... Be prepared to get photo bombed..... We had to walk through the infamous Battery Park to catch the Ferry to Ellis Island.

The ferry ride circled the Statue of Liberty on the way to Ellis Island.  It is soooo much smaller in person than I thought it would be.  In the movies, the statue looks sooooo freakin huge.... so when we saw how small it was in person... I was pretty bummed.

 I was surprised how pretty this photo looked.

I've seen this entrance in several movies... and it looks soooo pretty in person...  We took over a hundred pictures in this building alone.... it was so big.

This Kissing post was right outside of the Geneology center in the building.  I loved it so much... so I took a picture.

We found these sister missionaries working in the genealogy center.  Apparently missionaries always go there to help tourist find their ancestors.  I was so surprised to see them.... and they were so happy to know that we were having dinner later with Elder

This portion of the building was featured in the movie Hitch with Will Smith.  The meaning behind what took place here is lost in the movie... but going through the tour and ending up in such a beautiful and spacious area made me cry.

After the tour, we had to wait a little bit because we needed to take the Ferry that goes back to Jersey.  This was the perfect time to kill what was left from Carlo's Cake Boss Bakery.

When we got back to Jersey, there was this guy putting golf balls in the park.  It was then that I realized that I hadn't seen a golf course all week.  Coming from St. George where we have golf parks on every corner.  I found this to be extremely funny.  Primarily because this man loved golf so much that he' play it anywhere.  But the fact that kids were playing in the park made this even funnier.

One thing I noticed about all the parks was the seating area.  There are just so many benches and seating areas everywhere.  I wondered why people weren't out on picnics or something all the time.

We ended the day meeting up with Elder Tuaila (Tino) who was serving a mission in Jersey.  We met up with him and one of his families.

To say that this day was a very productive day would be an understatement.  It was such a long day... but so exciting.  I got to see a lot of different places and eat so many different types of food throughout the day.  So much FUN....

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