Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From Jersey Shores to St. George Mountains

We decided to wake up early and go back to Carlo's bakery and pick up some goodies before we went home.... Yes.... it was that good.  While we waited, we tried some pizza from the  pizza shop next to the bakery.  O......M.....G....  I consider myself a pizza connoisseurs because I will eat pizza whenever its an option.  This place was legit.  There's just something about pizza on the East Coast that is just absolutely amazing.

We got pies and goodies to take back to St. George.... Sooooo good!

After breakfast we went back to the hotel to pack up and get ready to go to the airport.  TJ went down first to take most of the bags.  He left one with me to bring down after I was dressed.  It was on my way down that I met this guy in the elevator.

The wheel of my suitcase got stuck and he picked it up and put it in the elevator for me.  Next to me, he was really tall.  So I said thank you as another guy came onto the elevator.  And because I talk to everyone and hate awkward elevator silence.  This was our conversation...

Me:  Dude... You are really tall.  You must be a basketball player or something.
Guy: Naw... I wish I did.  (Pointing to his agent he says) Maybe if this guys did his job right, I could play in the NBA or something.
Me:  I'm sure you'll be able to.  Since you're really tall.  I'm sure you'll do great in the league.
***As we get out the elevator, I wish him luck and tell him that I believe he'll be a great  player some day.

When we get home later that evening, TJ turns on ESPN to watch the Monday night highlight games.  And who do I see on TV???....  This guy!

Turns out, this guy.... who helped me with my bags, and talked to me about his hopes for a successful NBA career is a starting player for the Miami Heats names Dwayne Wade.  I felt the color drain from my face as I tell TJ the story of my little encounter.  TJ saw the whole team downstairs as he took our bags down.  The team was staying at the same Hotel we were at because they were playing the New Jersey Nets that night.  I'm so grateful that I may never see him again in my life.  Because I would feel really stupid...lol...  Maybe if this guy played for the Lakers or the 49ers... I would have know who he was...  Oh gosh... what a way to end such an exciting weekend.  I cannot wait to come back.

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