Friday, April 13, 2012

New York.... Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

IT'S FRIDAY!!!...  Got out of Comcast training around Noon and drove to New Jersey.  I would have gotten a hotel in the city... but they were just too expensive.  So we stayed at the Westin New Jersey which was right across the Hudson river.  We could literally look across the river and see New York. This was the view of New York from our side of the Hudson River.

We had to take the Hollad Tunnel to get in to New York and I must say.... It's exactly how it looks in the Movies....  And literally just goes on for miles.....

The tunnels run underneath the city... I was a bit worried at first because it almost looked like we would be driving in to the buildings.

This is about five minutes into the drive....  Literally felt like there was no end in
 And then there was light.... YAY!
We spent the day just driving around and trying not to die in New York traffic.  The drivers there are nuts and the people act like roads were made for walking.  It was a crazy day... but I can't wait for tomorrow.

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