Monday, June 18, 2012

The Grand Canyon

TJ was given an assignment in his general biology class to write a paper about a unique land form.  He had to write about the plants that existed and the type of ecosystem that it had.  In all honesty, I'm not really sure what it all entailed.  But he narrowed it down to Zions National Park and the Grand Canyon.  Since the kids were visiting, we decided to get out of town and visit the grand canyon.  The North Rim was only two and a half hours away from St. George, and we found out that they had cabins there.  So we rented a cabin for the weekend and took in the sites.

We took this photo right when we arrived.  The view of the canyon is absolutely breath taking.

TJ thought it would be best to get his assignment done early so that we could explore the sites for the rest of the weekend.  They had a seating area overlooking the canyon... so while he was working...the rest of us were sitting next to him  We couldn't help it.  It was so relaxing.

On Saturday, we woke up to a lot of commotion outside.  Turns out, there was an astronomy convention/bash.  Astronomers from all over the U.S. were staying at the canyon this weekend because it was the best time to see solar flares and planets.  The North Rim is the best place to see everything because there is no light pollution for miles.  This guy's telescope let us see the sun.  It was sooo cool.  Turns out, the sun is actually white...not yellow.  The great thing about being one of the tourist here this weekend was the fact that there were so many Astronomers who wanted to tell you something about the universe.

They had several of these large telescopes scattered around the general area.  They were setting up to see the planets.  We came back at night and were able to see several different galaxies and planets.  Because the skies were soooo clear at night.  We were also able to see the asteroid belt move across the sky.  I just have no words to describe how beautiful it was out there.  This kids were so in to it and I was surprised how much they retained after we left.

The next morning, TJ and the boys went on a morning hike.  I absolutely love this photo.  They stood on the ledge as the sun was rising.

TJ was talking this hike up so much.  He wanted me to go with him because he wanted to share that experience with me.  Of course I couldn't say no when he pitched it like that.  Aside from one really steep mountain that was about 30 yards long, the rest of the hike wasn't so bad.  This was the end of the hike.

This was before the steep hill on the way back to the cabins.  I had to take a moment to tell myself that I'd be able to make it up the of course, TJ decided to take a photo of me so that he could remind me how happy I looked when we got to the top.

We took this photo at some point in the weekend.  I was sooooo scared because that bar was the only thing that separated us and the edge of the cliff.  It was such an amazing weekend.

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